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homeopathic remedies







NutriVine Vitamins carries homeopathic remedies and supplements. We have a large selection for your purchasing pleasure.

For hundreds of years, homeopathic medicine is an alternative medicine that has been practiced. The word homeopathy derives from the Greek words "homeo," which means similar, and "pathos," which means suffering or disease. The basic principle is "like cures like," which is the idea that a disease can be cured by substances that produces similar symptoms in healthy people and that with a highly diluted solution of certain substance, the body will react and begin the healing itself. Homeopathic supplements and vitamins are derived from substances that are natural, such as plants, animals and minerals.

Our line of homeopathic vitamins and supplements are remedies to issues such as acne, stress, memory loss, arthritis and anxiety, and they support different systems within the body, as well as detoxification.