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Did you know that the thyroid gland, which is one of the largest glands in your body’s endocrine system has a job to control the use of energy by the body? Well that and it creates protein and responds to various hormones going on in the system. Nevertheless, the thyroid also releases its own hormones, which regulate metabolism and affect growth in the body. Pretty cool, right? If the thyroid produces too many or too few hormones, serious issues can occur. Not so cool, but that is why you are here.

Some diseases that stem from the thyroid not producing hormones in balance are hyperthyroidism (the overproduction of hormones; symptoms include thyroid goiter, palpitations and abnormal weight loss), hypothyroidism (the underproduction of hormones; symptoms include abnormal weight gain, tiredness and baldness) and cancer of the thyroid.

That is why hormone vitamins are used to treat hypothyroidism, while beta blockers and anti-thyroid medicines are used to eliminate the symptoms and slow down the production of hormones in hyperthyroidism. Choose from our large selection of professional grade products and support your hormone balance. Your body with love you for it.

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