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The respiratory system is composed of a nose, throat, windpipe, voice box, airways, and the lungs. You can see how this system is very important. The job of the respiratory system is transport oxygen into the body, and deliver it to cells throughout the body, as well as remove carbon dioxide from the body. Every cell within the body depends on oxygen to survive. In turn, those cells keep us alive and functioning. So, the respiratory system is not only very important is necessary for our survival. There are many dangers in our environment that causes damage to different parts of our respiratory system. These dangers can come in the form of air and water pollution, smoking, and dust. Often we forget about supporting our respiratory system to keep our body system healthy and functioning at it’s best. Respiratory supplements and vitamins for lungs are key to supporting the overall health we seek. Respiratory supplements and vitamins are much needed in helping our immune system and cardiovascular health, just to name a few.

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